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Congratulations to the winner of The Blitz Experience® Success Story Contest, GEORGE SMITH of Ziglar True Performance! Here is his story:

"Andrea, I sold an "Over the Top" (1/2 day presentation) for 90 people to wrap up a sales meeting. It's going to be in Memphis on September 14. It felt so great to close this deal, and it's just the first of many. I've got to tell you that the Blitz Experience was of great help in securing this deal!

This deal started as a result of an appointment I scheduled during our Blitz Experience. I had called this guy six to eight times without getting a response. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I called again and left the message that I was going to be in the area for a 1:00 appointment next Wednesday, so I would come by his office at 3:00.

He called back and said they don't do outside training. I replied with "that's exactly why we should meet". We struck up a conversation and made an appointment. I first met with him on May 10, and made an appointment to meet with him again on the 17th. That evening, I followed up via email with some info he had requested. I went in on the 17th, asked for him, and was told that he was no longer with the company. Great!! Anyway, I knew that they had a meeting coming up in September, so I asked who I should talk with, and was directed to the CEO's Admin Asst.

During that conversation, she explained that they were looking for someone to wrap up their annual managers meeting, and with the departure of the GM, it had been dumped in her lap. She needed a half-day program, and the benefit to her would be that she had "come through in a pinch" for her boss and the company. She set me up for a meeting with their CEO, but he was not available until June 6th.

On June 6th, I met with the President/CEO and two VPs. I went in with the attitude that I already had the engagement and that I had asked for this meeting to explore the demographics and characteristics of my audience, which would allow me to do a better job of tailoring a presentation to them. I had to be careful not to cross the line from confidence to arrogance, but I really wanted to take charge of the meeting. I also told them that I was not looking for a "one-time deal", that I expected them to write me a lot of checks over the next several years, and that they should expect to get more than their money's worth each time. At the end of the meeting, they said that they wanted to talk about it, and to please call the President/CEO on Friday, the 9th. I didn't want to leave without a commitment, but they were pretty adamant about waiting, so I didn't push too hard. (I found out later that they had been talking to another individual, too.)

Anyway, I've got to tell you, I walked out of there knowing that I had the deal. It went that well.

I called on Friday, and the CEO said that they would like "to establish a partnership" with me, and what was the next step? I told him that we needed to get our agreement in writing, and that I would need a 50% deposit. Over the weekend, I put together the contract. Monday morning I met with him, he signed off on the deal and gave me a 50% deposit. As I walked out of his office, I could hardly conceal my elation. My first Ziglar deal!! Wow!! Thank you, BlitzMaster!!"

George Smith
Ziglar True Performance

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