Karen Cooley, BlitzMaster

Karen Cooley

Karen Cooley combines her passion for sales management with an extensive background in educational training and coaching. Her energy and enthusiasm for professional development results in a dynamic and engaging presentation style. Karen has a Master's Degree in Education and over fifteen years of training experience.

She is an active member of the American Society for Training and Development's Puget Sound Chapter and the National Association of Sales Professionals.

Living in the greater Seattle area for over twenty-five years, Karen is married and has two sons. She participates on various boards and committees supporting the public library, the hospital foundation, and both private and public schools.

Karen's Rave Reviews

"I have to be honest when I say, I was not looking forward to this experience! However, I have been in sales with Officewise for over 20 years, and I can say with confidence that the Blitz Experience was absolutely the best training I have ever had! For once, we received tools that are so practical, so "hands on", so helpful, that I came away feeling really confident in myself as a salesperson, and really excited to make new calls! Karen Cooley is a fantastic BlitzMaster! She made the day really fun and challenging! So thank you so much for your book, "The Seven Keys to Effective Business-to-Business Appointment Setting", which really broke some of the paradigms I have had about appointment setting for years, for the Blitz Experience, and for your new book, "Power Referrals". I won this during the day, and am looking forward to reading it and using it to find and cultivate my ambassadors!"

"Karen, you are amazing! I don't say that very often.... and you are really good at this training, plus your connection with the sales audience is very special. You show you really care about them learning these techniques and challenge them with a velvet glove - so good! I watched you handle the "tough guys" and the "slow" to adapt with patience and cooperation. Well done. Working with you these past 4 days has taught me a lot as well. You have to be exhausted after being "ON" for 4 straight Blitz days and in 3 different hotels but you never showed it. Like I said .... Amazing. Keep on Blitzing! I hope we can do many more of these together. Thank you again."

"Andrea, I recently had the pleasure of working closely with Karen Cooley as she delivered your Blitz program to our sister company, Technologent. I have been in the call center business my entire career and have been exposed to countless sales and marketing training programs. Karen's delivery and technique were topnotch.

Specifically, I was impressed with Karen's determination and hands-on counseling to each of our reps. She really rolled up her sleeves and gave a lot of one-on-one feedback to all involved. In my opinion, that is what made a difference in this training and a successful Blitz.

Thank you for sending Karen."

"Andrea, I had several reps come to me after and thank me for allowing them to participate in the Blitz Experience training. Many said it was the "best they have had". The outline was outstanding.
  • NOT a line up of PowerPoint slides
  • Flashcards are a tangible that they walked away with vs. a "notebook"
  • 1.5 hrs. opening of material and solid call time frames (good flow)
  • Toot your own horn was catchy
  • Book reading ahead was important
  • And yes, management support helps to set the tone, both prior to and during the class
  • The presenter must be REAL, understand their material and speak from a confidence "in the product" platform - which Karen did wonderfully
We are going to track the results as I am anxious to understand what size customers we contacted in this and the rep's close rate with these appointments. So...more to follow going forward. Thank you!"

"Andrea, It was better than I thought it was going to be. There was just enough teaching to get some new ideas in the brain before calling, but not an overbearing training dump like we've gotten in the past from other sales trainers. Focus was on setting appointments and I was happy to actually be able to sit down and do it. Karen was very nice and very energetic. She was knowledgeable and I especially liked the fact that she had been in our shoes before as a sales rep so she was able to relate to some of the bumps we experience on the road as sales professionals and use her examples with how the training material can benefit us. It's easier to relate to someone during training that's actually done what they're teaching."

"The Blitz Experience was truly amazing. The numbers really say it all. I had 20 year veteran salespeople saying this was the best training they have ever had. Our team took what Karen said to heart and ran with it. It was a great day for everyone involved. Karen was great. I think she had a good time also. The sales team was truly impressed with the whole event. They will really be impressed when they start using the techniques daily and see the commission start going up fast. Thanks to you and your organization and especially Karen. It was an eye opening day. They remembered what it was like to work and have a good time doing it. Thank you."

"I cannot disagree with the WOW! As far as I am concerned, it was a home run. It was a great event and hats off to Karen who conducted the entire Blitz event. 119 appointments in 1 day speaks for itself."

"The Blitz Experience was a success and exceeded our expectations. First off, Karen was incredible; her approach and methodology in educating my team was fantastic. I think the whole team was impressed with what they learned, will embrace the new ways to call and prospect accounts, and were thrilled with the immediate wins they had in a day’s worth of work. It was a pleasure to work with you and Karen, we would definitely like to do this again, and happy to serve as a reference for BlitzMasters. Thank you."

"Thanks for the training at Meridian yesterday. We seasoned sales vets need a good tweak now and again and I found value in your program."

"Andrea, I want to thank you for the time that was taken to help educate us in the proper techniques to handle objections and overcome them easily. I had a fun time and the training was very beneficial. Karen brings a positive and vibrant energy that seems to bring out a motivation to try harder. I look forward to making this an even more successful year now with these helpful techniques and make them habit."

"Andrea I was impressed with the program and very definitely with Karen. Her demeanor and personality were very welcomed and effective. I've done these things many times in the 12 years I have been with Office Depot and frankly was not overjoyed with the prospect of another all day session. I was pleasantly surprised and learned something as well. I will take many things away with me and will continue to use them going forward. I especially liked the flashcards versus a notebook. I believe Karen was a big factor in the whole room's participation. Her energy and enthusiasm were catching and very helpful. She is definitely a keeper!"

"The Blitz Experience helped us drive new appointments this week and motivated the Meridian sales force! Thanks!"

"Karen was fantastic. She was able to keep the reps motivated by trying new techniques without it seeming forced. The team in Tempe responded VERY well and I was happy to see everyone able to uncover opportunities and lock down some appointments. I have to say I was really impressed with the percentage of decision maker conversations that resulted in appointments... it seemed like every time the rep got a decision maker on the phone, they were able to set an appointment.

From an HP perspective - great relationship building both with the SHI Tempe team and with our internal HP resources and the local counterparts and we're looking to capitalize on that momentum to help closer align in the AZ/NM region. Very promising though!

Everyone did a great job - thank you to your support with it!"

"Karen did a wonderful job. It was a great Blitz event. We would definitely request Karen again in the future."

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