Carl Sittig, BlitzMaster

Carl Sittig

Carl's great sense of humor and his ability to simplify even the most tedious concepts make him an outstanding communicator, trainer, and leader. For over 25 years he has inspired teams around the world to achieve challenging goals; and during his 17+ year career at Microsoft as a salesperson, Sales Director and General Manager, he was known especially for his ability to build, coach, and motivate great teams. His broad experience ranging from leading worldwide sales teams at Microsoft to VP of Business Development for an SaaS startup makes the role of BlitzMaster a perfect fit.

Carl has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over twenty-five years, is an avid golfer, and regularly tours the country on his motorcycle.

Carl's Rave Reviews

"The team is actually very upbeat and motivated after this program. Since we hung up, several have asked to do scheduled, monitored calling hours together routinely. In the last few minutes, I have heard from many that the 8 second Voice Mail with a specific script was extremely valuable advice. Also, seeing in writing that each dial is worth $836 really makes the concept of outbound calling. We really appreciate this opportunity and look forward to converting these opportunities into sales!!!!"

"The event today was great! Carl is just amazing. He’s so organized and informative. I’ve now listened in to his presentation several times and enjoy it every time. BlitzMasters has become a program that our partners and sellers look forward to every quarter." Juniper Networks

"Thank you again for making our experience truly unique, informative, and thought provoking. BlitzMasters was able to make believers out of every one on our sales team. We're excited to use the material we learned and have much more productive appointment setting in our calling. The tools provided are truly unique and we could not have been happier with the results of the day. Please feel free to use Innovative Solutions as a reference for any of your prospective clients." Innovative Solutions

"We had a great experience with the Blitz, and the 18 appointments is about double our normal production! I think everyone who participated has taken away at least a few good tips and tricks, and the number of voicemail call backs is impressive. Traditionally we haven't been leaving voicemails, but seeing the response rate and ease of working them in to our process, it will be something we'll be using moving forward. Carl brought great energy and enthusiasm which really translated over to all those participating in the blitz. Thanks for a great Blitz experience!"

"Excellent program and Carl did a great job!"

"We had an outstanding Blitz day, very interactive and the techniques that Carl taught to the team really paid off, particularly the objection handling. All in all, the sales force learned a great deal and we will continue to enforce the methods they learned for a long term gain in our calling efforts. THANK YOU."

"The Blitz went extremely well. Everyone was happy and Carl did an awesome job... He fit in well in NYC!"

"Carl, you did a great job truly engaging the reps. It is interesting to have this be my second Blitz Experience and STILL have learned something new. The visuals you used were great, the questions and interaction encouraged the reps to share their experiences and conversations throughout the day; lots of enthusiasm throughout the day! What I truly enjoyed was how excited the reps were to share their calls with you. They wanted to learn, on the job AND on live calls, how to refine the techniques in Andrea's book. What's even better, is that THEY WORKED!! The 'be my hero' worked! That was the highlight of the whole day! What a great experience! With that, I shall end...Carl... 'you are my hero'!! Thank you for coming to ePlus and leading a great Blitz Experience!"

"We very much value all the help and coaching from BlitzMasters. Today's session was very eventful with Carl leading the way. I'd say to get 39 appointments out of 76 live conversations is a testament to the effectiveness of the program. What I like most is that it's driving a level of discipline even our most seasoned sales professionals can benefit from. We look forward to the next one..."

"Hey Carl, Thank you for your efforts in providing us with such 'user-friendly' material, plus I believe you're a psychic. I received a returned VM today & set up another appt. That's two returned VMs in a 3 hour period, pretty powerful. I've attended Tony Robbins sales mastery course and Sandler's Sales institute, which both launched my career, but I believe you've rejuvenated it. Unbelievable, how something so simple can can return such large benefits... NEW BUSINESS OPPS!" Technology Integration Group

"Over the past 10 weeks working with your firm we have been able to train 80+ sales professionals across 10 states and institute a programmatic pipeline development initiative. During that time we have gone from being 'victims' of our pipeline to 'masters' of our future success - thank you for people and process that made this rapid transformation possible." Frontier Communications

"Thank you again to you for your time today! Our teams love the Blitzmasters campaigns and left the session fired up! We hope to use Blitzmasters over and over again." SKC

"Carl is a star...must be in the genes! It was a great day, and I had my worries based on the seniority of the reps I had involved."

"Carl was terrific! It was a solid day all around with exceptional numbers. We are looking forward to translating some of these opportunities to HPN deals! Thanks for all involved in the planning and delivery!"

"The feedback on The Blitz Experience from all the reps was excellent. The phone skill techniques and all the training was great and will continue to be utilized. We will follow through with the appointments set and recorded sales. The BlitzMasters team did a fantastic job and we look forward to working with them again in the near future."

"I think that what you offer is a great service. Even for the seasoned reps you provided at least one thing that they could come away with that will benefit them in the future. If nothing else, it refreshed their cold calling skills and gave them an appreciation for what our Call Center reps do on a daily basis. The CCR's were exhausted, but it gave them some valuable tips for getting past gatekeepers, handling rejection, and leaving good voicemails. I heard comments like, "high energy", "great voicemail messaging technique", and "fast paced". Raul told me that he has only had one call back from a voicemail message he left in the last 7 months and with your technique received 3 calls back in one day! That was convincing for me! Thank you for this great program!"

"Carl is an exceptional sales and business development leader, able to build and lead world class sales teams. He brings a thoughtful, experience grounded approach to executive level partner development."

"Great sales fundamentals. Strong customer focus. Customers (internal and external) always felt heard and understood by Carl. Equal or better than his sales skills were his management and people development expertise. He helped many people, including me, understand our business and develop sales and management skills. Many of those people will be future leaders in the company for sure."

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